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SPOILER:  The Secret is Traffic (but where does it come from…?)

4 Things to Start Earning $100 per Day

#4) $100 in Commissions

Our Program:
Earn $100 per Sale
1 Sale = $100

Other Programs: (Adjust Accordingly)
$20 Commissions = 5 Sales per Day
$500 Commissions = 1 Sale every 5 days

#3) Sales

The only way you can Earn Commissions = Making Sales
Super Scary thing for most people.
99% of people will tell you they do NOT want a sales job.
In fact, they do not even like sales people!
Yet, the only way you can earn commissions is by making sales…

MYTH:  Sales is trying to convince people to buy something they don’t want.
What We Do:  Show people the benefits of a product they already want
How We Do This:  By Generating Leads

#2) Leads

These are people who interested in what you have for sale.
Most companies hire Marketing Departments to generate leads.
In Network Marketing, it’s up to you.
So we make a list of our family and friends (who are not interested in what you have for sale and think we are stupid for doing it. Sweet leads, huh?)

#1) $100 Commissions

Giving a large number of people a “Glimpse” into your business.
(It is just like walking around Walmart asking people if they “keep their income options open” except this is done automatically for you online and doesn’t suck)


Generate Traffic ->

Turn Traffic into Leads ->

Convert Leads into Sales ->

Earn Commissions

You are Successful if:
You Earn More in Commissions than you Spend on Traffic

About Me

My Name Is:

Daniel Jay

My Goals Are:

  • Work From Home – I have a new baby at home, I can’t send this kid to daycare!
  • Decent Income – I don’t need to be rich, just pay all my bills!
  • Be My Own Boss – Have you had a boss before?  Enough said…

I Struggled With:

  • Finding Leads – Stuck pitching my friends & family or Posting on Social Media not getting results
  • Always Training but Never Gaining – No matter how much Time/Money I spent, I was always looking for the answer
  • Getting Results – I was pitching the dream and living the nightmare

If This Makes Sense - Get Ready to Make a lot of Dollars!

JOB vs. Home Business

Traditionally a sales department is made up of 3 different Jobs

1) Marketing Department:
– Gets the Word Out
– Builds the Brand
– Generates Interest
– TV Ads, Billboards, Flyers, etc..

2) Call Center Rep:
– Qualifies Incoming Leads
– Builds excitement about Product
– Set appointments for Sales Reps

3) Sales Rep:
– Meets with prospect to Close the Deal


Why Network Marketing Pays so much:

All 3 of these jobs are Up To You!

You are responsible for:
– Generating Leads
– Qualify your Leads
– and Closing Your Leads

Sound like a lot?
It can be…  


The Majority of People:

Most people would do really well if Network marketing was just Jobs #2 & #3.
If you had incoming calls of interested prospects – You could make a lot of money!
Right?!  (even if you don’t feel confident in that, we can help!)

But if you are like me:
– I know I got the Skills
– I love sales, marketing and talking to people
– I’ve been successful with Telemarketing and Sales Jobs
– I am not afraid to make a YouTube Video
– Yet STILL FAILING HORRIBLY in Network Marketing!!!
– If I can’t do it..  How can ANYONE do it?!

I Didn't Know How to Generate Leads

I literally spent $1,000s trying to learn...

How to Generate a Steady Stream of Leads DAILY:

3 Steps to Leads Daily in the next 90 Days:

Step #1)  Build an Audience
Go on Social Media and meet people who are in Network Marketing. 
Don’t try to sell them or pitch them your business (however, they will probably try to sell you theirs!)
Make it a goal to Connect With People. 
By connecting with 10 new people daily who are in Network Marketing, you will quickly discover:
– What the Buzz Companies are
– What Marketing Systems are Hot
– What gets people excited to join a company
– What people struggle with
– 99% of people you talk to on Social Media are making no money
You will learn how to connect with people who are also in Network Marketing on a real level.  Once you decide your goal is to make a friend, the barriers come down and the real conversations begin.

Step #2)  Create Content (YouTube Videos)
Making YouTube videos can make a lot of people nervous because they fear they will have to sell people:
– Their Amazing Business Opportunity  (yawn)
– Their Miracle Product (another one)
– Their Mind Blowing Compensation Plan (yet their still broke)
– How Much Money Their Sponsor has made (yay for them)

When the Truth Is:  Most people who make these types of Videos FAIL

Success Comes fromGiving Value and Sharing Stories
Create videos sharing your story, past struggles and solutions you found
You have a story to tell (and to create)
You have learned things you can share with others!
Don’t make videos to Sell people – Make videos to Connect with People  


Step #3)  Show Follow-up Ads
Stop trying to sell people in your videos or pay High Dollars for ads that don’t convert, you can get extremely low cost per click ads that are displayed only to people who have seen your videos. 
– Targeted Ads:  They have Seen your YouTube Videos!
– Low Cost Per Click:  Pennies on the Dollar compared to normal ads!
– High Converting Funnels:  Interested Prospects + Great Products = Money!


The Key to Success:

- Consistently have people to talk to who are interested in joining you -

If you had an unlimited list of people interested in joining you and your business – 
it would literally be Impossible to Fail!

Does it Work?!

See My Daily Stats:

Daily Updates: (Started 5/20/19)

– Growing a social media account from 0 to 1,000 followers in 30 days
(current:  0)
– Going from 0 to over 1,000 views daily on my YouTube Channel
(current:  0 views/day)
– Actual Cost Per Click for Ads
(current:  no ads running)
– Actual Cost Per Lead
(current: no leads generated)

(Last Updated:  5/20/19)

Private Training: (for any business)

See Step-by-Step How I:
– Build my Social Media Accounts
– Create Videos that rank on YouTube
– Create High Converting Ads
– Generate Leads
– Convert Leads into My Main Business

Schedule a Call with Me and Do This Same Thing For Any Business!


What if I don’t want to shoot YouTube Videos?
Videos are the quickest way to build relationships with prospects and grow your business.  I will admit, your first couple videos are going to be VERY awkward.  But if you want to get good at it, do a video a day for 90 days and you will amazed how good your videos get!  Up for the challenge?

I don’t Want to Market on my Facebook Account to my Friends and Family…
Me Neither!  I will show you how to start from Zero (like I did)

Can I use this for ANY Network Marketing Business?